cultural and community tours

East Africa is an enormous region that contains hundreds of diverse cultures. The cultures of East Africa are diverse but there are common threads that run through much of the region. Much as there are similarities in the cultures of the people of east Africa, there are outstanding differences even within the individual counties with as many as a hundred different cultures, dozens of languages and very unique views of their national identity.

The people of East Africa can be grouped into Bantu, Nile Hamites, Nilotics, Arabs at the coast as well as Europeans. These various groups have divergent cultural norms, traditions and beliefs. Some tribes in the region have kept their traditions and norms original just like it was before the pre-colonial era and these are manifested in their respective ways of life, the dressing code, dances and social-economic interactions.

While visiting the various destinations in the region, endeavor to enjoy this experience by socially interacting with the people of the region. With the cultural and community tours, you will learn about the people of Africa and appreciate how beautiful and tremendous they are as a people.

In Uganda, you will visit the Batwa in Bwindi and Mgahinga Gorilla National Parks who initially were inhabitants of the forests but were later relocated out of the forest for conservation. The Batwa much as they were relocated, they are still living the substance lifestyle of food gathering, hunting and maintained their cultural norms. You will also visit the Karamajong and the IK people while on your visit to Kidepo Valley National Park. The Karamajong are pastoralists whose lifestyle is still authentic and can give you a good experience. Just like the Karamajong, the Bahima who occupy the environs of Lake Mburo are also pastoralists whose livelihood depend on the rearing of cows and an interaction with them while on your visit to Lake Mburo National Park can be of great value to your understanding of the people in the area.

In Kenya, a safari cannot be successful without visiting the Masai communities and the Turkana in the North West of the country. Just like in Kenya, the Masai can also be visited while on your safari in Tanzania. Other interesting communities in Tanzania also include the Datoga and Hadzabe.

Apart from the local communities aforementioned above that can be visited in the various tour destinations, the region has cultural, archeological and historical sites that can be visited. These include Olduvai Gorge in Tanzania, Fort Jesus in Mombasa Kenya, Bigo bya Mugenyi in Uganda as well as the genocide memorial sites in Rwanda. There are also other important sites to visit such as religious shrines, headquarters of various pre-colonial kingdoms/chiefdoms and other preserved monuments.