Entebbe Zoo

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center (Entebbe Zoo) was opened in 1952 by the Colonial Government then, as an animal Orphanage that offered sanctuary to young animals found abandoned in protected areas due to the death or poaching of parent animals. In the early 1960s, it became a traditional zoo until 1994 when it was converted into the Uganda Wildlife Education Center.

A visit to the Uganda Wildlife Education Center offers an exciting opportunity to see over 50 animal species represented by over 200 animals. All the animals are housed in large, open air enclosures simulating their natural habitat in the wild with interpretations about each animal’s biography, biological and social information. 

A 1000 meter forest trail offers a habitat for free ranging antelopes, beautiful debrazza zebras, vervet monkeys and hundreds of beautiful colored butterflies and indigenous plant species.  Avid bird watchers can exploit this paradise to catch glimpse of over 250 bird species.

The Uganda Wildlife Education Center nestles near a long and lovely shoreline of Lake Victoria which has been developed into a beach. You are welcome to have an amazing experience and up close with the vulnerable but cheerful wild animals in the haven of the Uganda Wildlife Education Center.