Nyamirundi Island Rwanda

Countries located in the tropics are known to have distinguished coffee with a luxuriant soothing aroma. Rwanda too has it’s pride when it comes to talking or taking coffee. It has a strong reputation for producing Arabica, a fine coffee with low caffeine content. Plantations of this coffee species flourishes in Nyamirundi Island, in Western Province. It has a chocolaty aroma and sharp taste. But not many people know what happens behind the scenes for the beverage to acquire its authentic taste.

A visit to Nyamirundi Island offers an agro-tourism experience in this regard. The day long exploration offers a full demonstration of coffee growing and preparation from shamba to cup. The tour takes place at a plantation of Rwanda Co-opeartive known as Igoboka. It is a community empowering initiative. If you wish to add this trip to your itinerary, we are happy to plan your trip.