Musanze Caves

If you happen pop by Ruhengeri or Musanze and have a few hours to spare, Musanze Caves is the place to be. Formed as a result of volcanic eruptions, Musanze Caves have a rich history and stunning rock formations. They so wide-covering approximately 2Kilometers. Its spacious chambers are served by 31 small entrances, the biggest being 10 meters high.

It is believed that Musanze Caves were home to early man in the Stone Age period. It offered them shelter and protection from the freezing temperatures of the mountainous setting. It later served as a place to Rwandese Kings. During the Rwanda Genocide of 1994, they were used as an armory by rebels.

Today, its only remaining occupants are bats that spend much of their day sleeping as tourists explore their setting. During this tour, you will be accompanied by a local guide who will answer all your questions. He will avail you equipment needed for the adventure— such as flashlights and helmets. In general, the tour is stunning and humbling. Be sure to wear warm clothing. It is quite cold inside because of the water that drips from the ceiling.