Lake Mburo National Park zebra

Lake Mburo National Park is a small but great park! There seems to be wildlife at every corner. Sheer numbers of zebras, impalas, topis, baboons, warthogs, buffalos, defassa waterbucks, elands, hyenas and hippos.  As the sun rises at dawn, it changes the colors of the savannah from grey to pink to clear and blue. Very remarkable!

One of the beauties of the trip to Lake Mburo park is that it is en-route the Equator. This gives you an opportunity experience of what it feels like to be on both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. 

You could start your day in Lake Mburo National Park with a bush breakfast by the quiet shores of the Lake after which the park is named. You will catch sight of local fishermen in dugout canoes as they cast their nets to catch fish.

Thereafter, you could head out for a morning boat cruise or a birding excursion. The boat ride is very relaxing and rewarding. You will mostly ride by the edge of the lake to get closer views at the respective wildlife as they grunt, snort and belch. Brace yourself to be overwhelmed by the gigantic size of hippos taking a morning bath. Not so far from them are crocodiles poking their heads out of water to spot prey for breakfast, a perfect starter for the day!

The most memorable highlight of the morning boat cruise is watching pairs of fish eagles perched on springy branches of acacia trees that line the shores of the calm lake. 

If you have limited time at your disposal but want to get the most sightings, we will organize for you a game drive. As you delve deeper into the park, you will stop at a real zebra crossing where you will witness forty or more zebras as they elegantly cross from one side of the road to the other. No other park in Uganda has a big concentration of this striped animal like Lake Mburo, over 10,000 of them. Going by their laxity, it will be easy for you to tell that the park doesn’t have lots of big cats to make them restless. Indeed, the park has only a lion and a leopard, both of which prefer to hunt at night. In other words, if you love nature walks, you are assured of not getting confronted by predators. You will see almost all of the park's resident species in hundreds or thousands of numbers. This includes huge herds of Elands. Despite their big size, they are very shy. 

One of the things that will make the adventure really special, is encountering the promising population of rothschild giraffes, over 15 of them. They were recently located here from Murchison Falls national park following Lake Lake Mburo National Park’s extinction of giraffes. 

As you wait for dinner in the evening, you could seat under the breezy trees and roast mash mellows at the open fireplace. During this campfire experience, the ranger guides will share with you their most memorable stories about Lake Mburo National Park in regard to wildlife encounters. 

Hikes and Nature walks in Lake Mburo National Park

Hikes and Nature walks in Lake Mburo National Park offer a great way to listen to the sound of the jungle. We will organize for you an early morning activity to enable you see the park’s animals when they are more active. During this worthwhile sacrifice,you will be accompanied by a professional ranger guide who will set a gentle walking pace. This will enable you spot lots of ecological complexities that cannot be seen aboard a car. You will see almost all of the park’s resident species in hundreds or thousands of numbers. This includes huge herds of Elands. Despite their big size, they are very shy.