Lake Kivu

Looking at its outline on a map, you are bound to think of Lake Kivu as too small. However don’t be deceived, Lake Kivu is as big as a sea. It has a surface area of 2,700 km2 and an average depth of 240 m (787 ft). It sits at the southern end of the Albertine Rift Valley, along the borders of Congo and Rwanda. It is a very scenic lake with deep blue waters, surrounded by public and private beaches. It is bounded by a chain of rolling hills of Rwanda and Congo.

In its midst, you will find many small fishing boats navigating past small islands. Lake Kivu formed as a result of volcanic eruptions and is one of the main sources of water for Africa’s deepest lake, Lake Tanganyika.  It is safe to swim in as it is free of Bilharzia. Besides, it neither has hippos nor crocodiles. You can take a relaxing boat ride to soak in the beauty of the surrounding atmosphere.

Along the way, you will come across islands with colonies of bats. Alternatively, you could go for kayaking trip or lounge at beaches with powder soft sand. A visit here is incomplete without sampling fresh tilapia fish, a delicious freshwater fish that knows how to treat the tongue right.