Lake Bunyonyi

Lake Bunyonyi is a beautiful Island treasure. Even in a light rain, this legendary lake in South Western Uganda is well worth the effort to get there. It is the deepest lake in Uganda and second deepest in Africa. It is 2,952 feet deep and roughly 7km wide and 25 km long. If you are mad about relaxing under the sun with a cold beer in your hands and your feet in the water, you will wish you could stay here forever. Most of the resorts are in tranquil environments with lush vegetation.

After this trip, your new favorite color will be the tropical green color of the 29 islands of Lake Bunyonyi. Take your time to enjoy their sights, smells, and sounds. They have so many different native plants for those that enjoy looking at foliage. The most visited Island is Akampeni, a historical island with a fairly submerged summit. According to legend, Bakiiga girls conceived before marriage were brought to this small Island and left to die. Why? Getting pregnant outside wedlock was considered a cultural disgrace. In most cases though, the victims were rescued by poor men who didn’t have dowry to marry off the girl of their dreams. This brutal story will leave you with a deep appreciation for how humanity has evolved.

Lake Bunyonyi is surrounded by gently sloping hills with trees and terraced gardens of Irish potatoes. It is free of Bilharzia. This presents a lovely opportunity to swim among small fish and see nature.

Take your time during the boat cruise to appreciate Lake Bunyonyi's beautiful birds. It has lots of them. That is why it is called Bunyonyi, a Rukiiga reference for a setting with lots of beautiful birds.