Katwe Salt Lakes

Visiting Katwe Salt Lakes in Queen Elizabeth National Park is a fun family thing to do. The tour will showcase to you how salt has been locally mined in Uganda for over a century now. Our driver guide will take you to salt flats where local salt miners will explain to you the volcanic history of the place and the process of harvesting salt.

During this tour, you will observe workers as they extract blocks of rock salt which serve as cattle licks and salt crystals which are used for cooking food. The process starts with draining streams into a spacious lake which does not have an outlet. As evaporation takes place during sunny days, the water becomes very salty, forming huge lamps of black soil.

This soil is then spread over a dry area where it is sun dried. Next, workers pack the salt mud blocks in bags after which they are sold to farmers as ‘salt-licks’ for cattle. At the end of the tour, you will visit an area of Katwe Salt Lakes with flocks of beautiful flamingos.