Caplaki Crafts Village Kigali

At Caplaki Crafts Village in Kigali-you will find a broad and diverse range of local crafts you can imagine. These range from wood carvings-mats-baskets-paintings.all of which are genuine. They are gorgeous, authentic and sold under one roof.  It comprises of 40 colourful huts surrounded by alpine trees. They are built around a courtyard. Its (huts) look so much alike yet they are independent of each other.

To get the best-you can wander the stalls for an hour or two before picking your favourite. As you browse through-you will find broad ranging masks from Congo and Masai land. If you are thinking of a gift for her- the colourful cotton fabrics here might do wonders. They are tailored into sunhuts and dresses. In short Caplaki Crafts Village is a great shopping setting to buy souvenirs with detailed pieces and accessories for home decor. Go ready to bargain as traders start with jaw dropping prices.